The djerba law firm of Master Yassine Yamoun also has for activity exequatur in Tunisia of judgments rendered in foreign countries.

There is an international convention between the France and Tunisia.


Definition: exequatur: to make exé a judgment emanating from an authority foreigner in the Tunisian legal order.


Individuals appeal to our services in order to obtain the exequatur of judgments rendered in the various fields of law, in particular in the event of adoption, pronounced divorce in a foreign country, of guardianship, of authority parentage, inheritance, alimony, payment orders, etc.

Our cabinet requests the exequatur of the new divorce agreements without a judge pronounced in France.


Companies have recourse to our firm in order to obtain exequatur conviction judgments of one of bitor to pay them a civil and/or commercial debt.

For this, our intervention will aim to obtain an enforceable title in Tunisia, to allow the customer to recover his debt by the implementation of enforcement procedures.

We also do the exequatur of arbitration awards or bankruptcy judgments as well as in defense to the exequatur and in the procedure of inopposability from a foreign judgment.


Question frequent:

Foreign Divorce Convention can it be registered in Tunisia?

A divorce judgment rendered in France does not require d’exequatur. Only the effects of divorce are enforceable.

French law has taken saw a new legal form for divorce. Divorce with an agreement without a judge.

The Tunisian judge accepts this type of divorce.

The approach d’exequatur consists of have the French divorce agreement transcribed by way of an order on request in the Tunisian civil status register.


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