The Cabinet Avocats Djerba de Maitre Yassine Yamoun, a lawyer at the Court of Appeal in Djerba Tunisia, also conducts the exequatur in Tunisia of judgments rendered in foreign countries.

Mr. Yamoun Yassine has experience in the field of private international law (conflict of jurisdictions, conflict of laws, international conventions, international notification of judicial acts) and the exequatur procedure.

For several years, the firm has developed a clientele made up of individuals and companies located throughout Tunisia and by its field of activity abroad. It deals with the judgments rendered in the countries of the whole world and acts before all the tribunals of high instance in Tunisia.

Individuals use our services to obtain the enforcement of judgments rendered in the following areas: adoption, divorce, guardianship, parental authority, succession, maintenance claim.

Companies use our office to obtain the enforcement of judgment sentences of a debtor to pay them a civil or commercial claim.

Our intervention therefore fits not only with the objective of obtaining an enforceable title in Djerba Tunisia but also with the aim of allowing the customer to recover his debt by the implementation of the enforcement procedures.

The Cabinet Avocats Djerba also intervenes for the enforcement of arbitration awards or bankruptcy judgments as well as in defense of the exequatur and the procedure of inopposability of a foreign judgment.

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